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Plumber, Electrician or DIY? What’s the Best Route For Electric Shower Installation?

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After purchasing the electric shower of your choice, it’s time to install it and get the hot water flowing. But who will be fixing it for you?

Installing an electric shower requires three things which are, plumbing, electrical connection and a good pair of hands. Some parts require a plumber, and some parts should be handled by an electrician. Or maybe you are considering doing it yourself to save cost.

Here’s how it goes; a plumber is fit for the job and can install most of the shower fittings, but when it gets to the electrical part he will need to step aside for a Part P certified electrician to do his work.

Who is a Part P certified electrician?

This is an electrician who is registered under a scheme such as ELECSA which enables them to self-certify their work. A Part P certification is mandatory for anyone who will be taking care of any bathroom electrical works.

There are many ways to do this; the first route could be to hire a plumber and an electrician to do the work for you. This gets the job done well, but since you are hiring two personnel, then you should be ready to spend more to get it done.


Rather than spending much on a new shower installation by calling these professionals, you can find a Part P certified plumber. Now, this plumber has all the knowledge and certification to carry out the installation without the need for an electrician. It is better because you are hiring just one qualified person for the job and it will undoubtedly cost less than hiring two skilled workers.

Or maybe, you want to cut the expenses to the minimum, and you are thinking of DIY. This isn’t a bad option either provided you are a handy person; installing an electric shower is quite easy as long as you can follow the procedure in the instructional manual. Though you would still need an electrician to do all the electrical works in the bathroom unless you are Part P certified, which is very unlikely.

Now the question is who is the best person for the job, or better still, what is the best route for the shower installation?
The answer varies and majorly depends on your kind of person. If you are a busy person and you hardly have time for housework, then the best option would be to call a Part P plumber to fix your new shower.


That is because this option is more affordable and faster. Therefore, you get the job done in one shot and for less money.

But if you are someone who spends most of their time at home and you are good with your hands, then you might want to opt for the last option which is installing it yourself. This will cost you way less than any other option available because you will only require an electrician for a small portion of the entire process.

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